The last thing I learned was the first thing I knew.

Somewhere between then and now, Iíd forgotten - drowned in a daily deluge of data and information, cunningly disguised as knowledge.

But, it was not. It was a long way from being knowledge and farther still from being wisdom.

So, this book is an attempt to begin at the beginning - at least so far as stock trading is concerned. And we begin with just two thoughts:

∑     ALWAYS protect your capital

∑     I am NOT as smart as I think I am

Itís a small book, but I hope it distils many years of information accumulation into a small collection of useful knowledge that you, in turn, may be able to convert to trading wisdom.

Its primary purpose is to outline the rules of a simple trading system - a system so simple and so easy to follow that I call it: The Idiot.

It will take only a few minutes of backtesting on your part to see that it does work; it will protect your capital; it will deliver enormous profits without agonising, analysis, or angst; it will limit your losses; and  it will prove itself to be a lot smarter than you think you are.

But wait Ö thereís more. As they say in the tackier TV commercials.

I will also outline the details of a Lunar Cycle trading system that will also help you to make profits and to avoid costly mistakes.

And I will show you how to make the most use of some simple technical indicators, unlike some others who tell you what they are, but not how to tweak them and interpret their signals and secrets.

The book is written for those who, like me, forgot the first thing they knew - but, also, for everyone just starting out learning how to trade stock markets.

The simple truth is that most traders lose money. If you remember the first two thoughts and learn to follow The Idiot, you will not be one of them.
Information is not Knowledge - and Knowledge is not Wisdom
Copyright: Randall Ashbourne 2011

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