Chapter 1:     The Idiot - Full Details

Simple instructions on how to create a chart template which provides certain and reliable profits, without knowing anything else. It works - and more than that, once you know the method, you can prove it works before you have to risk a single dollar!

Chapter 2:     The Moods of the Moon

The phases of the Moon were one of the first celestial tools actively employed in everyday Life on earth. Even ancient people knew when to plant for a bumper crop and when to reap. The Moods of the Moon shows how to employ that knowledge in stock market trading - exactly when to sow (buy) and when to reap (take profits). It is massively profitable! And all you need to know are the dates of the Moon phases.

Chapter 3:     Old Gods and Price Points

This chapter is the result of many years of working with Jeanne Longís brilliant discovery that planets can tell you Price targets. Youíll learn that different indices and stocks react to different planets; that itís possible to create charts that give you highly-reliable Price targets, not only for medium-term weekly moves, but for multi-year Bull and Bear markets. You donít need to know anything about astrology because Old Gods and Price Points details exactly how to create the necessary charts.

The Technical Section

The remaining chapters deal with a limited number of Technical Analysis tools. There are many books out there that tell you what a MACD is, but not how to tweak it for optimal use or how to read the signal so you know when a market is likely to continue rising, from one thatís about to fall in a huge hole!

This section will introduce you to The Canaries, the TA tool that is most likely to give you an early warning to get ready to go Long - or to get out of Dodge fast!

It will show you exactly how markets tend to rise and fall in the same angles as in the past, so that you can go back to a previous rally to create a trendline which is very likely to be an incredibly useful guide during any current open trade. And it will also show you how markets have a tendency to rise in three distinct angles of trend so that you know when a blow-off is about to fade and fall over.

And it will also show you how to create Bi-BBs - Bollinger Band charts that will keep you in a winning run much longer than standard BB charts.

As I said earlier, itís not a long book. But it is a book which distils many years of personal experience from a deluge of too much information into what I hope you find is really useful knowledge.

The getting of wisdom, however, is entirely up to you!
Copyright: Randall Ashbourne 2011
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